SEO service keywords Website to Top Google in 202X

Why use SEO services?

SEO services include the following jobs:

1. Increase organic traffic

Organic traffic is the free and organic traffic of your customers to your Website. The more Organic Traffic, the more potential clients.


Re-optimize all existing content on the Website including: images, layout and website structure. Optimizing internal links, deploying more standard SEO articles

3. Off-page SEO

Exploit external Backlink factors to generate signals for Google to help your keywords grow. Offpage SEO includes: Social Profile, Blog 2.0, Newspaper Backlink,...

What is SEO service?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which is a process of improving the ranking of a website on search engines so that users can find a website more easily on the table. link search results.

According to the above definition, SEO service is the work provided from a unit specializing in providing Digital Marketing services to help customers' businesses climb to the top of the front page keywords. The goal that SEO services aim at is the position from the first position to the 10th position of the search results page on Google.

Example illustrations to make it easier to understand what SEO services are doing:

One fine day, Tom wanted to find a vintage cafe to go on a date with his girlfriend. Tom used Google to search for the keyword “classic coffee shop” and got over 100 search results. But because he didn't want to drop every page of the search, Tom was only interested in the coffee shops that appeared on the first page of the search results.

This is where the front page keyword SEO service can help Tom. If a vintage coffee shop owned by your client has been SEO optimized for the keyword “vintage coffee shop”, then that coffee shop's website may appear at the top of the search results. by Tom. This ensures Tom will find your vintage coffee shop, and also helps your shop be advertised to more potential customers.

Through this example above, you certainly understand what seo services do, but if you find the above example is not enough to convince you to need to do Website seo, please continue to follow.

To website on Top Google

The benefits that SEO creates

So in an era when the Internet in general and information technology is booming like today, the role of SEO in sales has gradually become extremely important.

1. Take full advantage of the power of the website

If a website has a long URL, takes a long time to load, and wastes the user's time, they will be less likely to visit the site again. However, optimizing these factors through SEO can make search more efficient, concise, and relevant to Google. This makes it easier and faster for users to find what they need.

2. Active and flexible customer acquisition

With the popularity of advertising today, many customers do not want to be bombarded with excessive product advertisements. As a result, businesses using these marketing methods may not be able to reach their target audience.

However, if a website is at the top of the search engine rankings, potential customers will search and automatically visit the website. This approach allows businesses to be more proactive and attract more visitors to their website.

3. Raise brand awareness

Websites with high trust will automatically rank at the top. SEO helps websites achieve this by reaching more people and enhancing their credibility. This, in turn, increases brand awareness.

4. Cost savings

Traditional advertising methods such as video, banner and catalog ads can be expensive for businesses. However, the cost of implementing SEO is relatively lower. Therefore, increasing website traffic through SEO is a cost effective advertising strategy. By leveraging SEO, businesses can reduce advertising costs while still building their brand.

Ultimately, SEO is an essential part of modern marketing. By optimizing your website, businesses can increase their credibility, reach more customers, and reduce advertising costs.

5. Long term marketing strategy

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy because it is a process of optimizing a business website to increase visibility on search engines. When a website is well optimized for keywords related to your product or service, it will appear higher in the search results and attract more potential customers.

However, the SEO process is a long-term process, requiring perseverance and dedication of the business. Website optimization is not a specific effort that will pay off immediately. Instead, improving search engine visibility and increasing customer traffic is the result of constant and periodic optimization.

Therefore, SEO is not only a short-term marketing strategy to attract customers, but also a long-term strategy to build and retain customers, strengthen brands and increase sales.

Explanation of some popular types of SEO services

SEO includes many different forms, surely many customers still do not know what types of SEO there are and which type to choose for SEO for Website that best suits their budget.

5 popular types of SEO services today:

1. Overall seo service

Overall SEO is a form of SEO for the best Website today, your website will rank for keywords not only for a few words but also for the top hundreds or even thousands of keywords including short keywords, long tail keywords and broad keywords.

The overall form of SEO is a type provided by many SEO service providers today and Viet SEO is one of the best units in Vietnam specializing in providing overall SEO services to promote keywords. Website to TOP in the most comprehensive way, thereby optimizing order explosion rate and increasing revenue for customers.

The overall implementation time of SEO services ranges from 10 to 12 months with a budget of no less than 300 million VND with a minimum keyword set of over 500 words.

2. Keyword SEO Services

Keyword SEO is a part of overall SEO, why call it a part. Simply put, keyword SEO is the promotion of keywords that have a certain position on Google, usually from page 3 to the first page. Therefore, the number of keywords to push is relatively less than overall SEO with a minimum of 500 keywords including short, long and broad keywords.

Keyword SEO service simply aims to SEO top keywords from TOP 30 and above with Target being in TOP 10, TOP 5 or even TOP 3.

The cost of keyword SEO services is usually not as expensive as the overall SEO but certainly will not bring the same optimal effect. Keyword SEO usually has the number of 50 keywords or less and the cost of doing SEO is calculated based on each keyword, customers only have to pay for the keywords in the TOP.

This form of keyword SEO has some similarities with the Local SEO service that we are about to introduce, such as your doing SEO for the keyword: "Ho Chi Minh City fresh concrete, Long An fresh concrete, Binh fresh concrete. Duong, Dong Nai fresh concrete,…”

When customers use keyword SEO services, the Keyword will be in TOP 10, then it will be accepted. The price of keyword SEO will be calculated based on each keyword with a cost of about 5 - 10 million/keyword depending on the time, website display and the competition of that keyword. The average time to do keyword SEO is about 4 months.

3. Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services is a search engine optimization strategy to help local businesses increase their presence on local search results. Local SEO helps local businesses appear at the top of search results related to specific locations, locations, or products/services.

Local SEO optimization includes many activities such as updating local business information on directory pages, identifying locally relevant keywords, optimizing local business websites for SEO, creating Local content and local link building. Local SEO optimization helps local businesses attract more potential customers in their area and increase sales.

4. SEO services collected later

SEO later is a relatively popular form of providing SEO services for Websites in Vietnam, especially often applied to Freelancer SEO. Businesses - Website owners do not have to deposit 30-50̀% of the value of the contract in advance, instead you only have to pay for keywords when they have been on the top and maintained within 1 month.

5. Shopee SEO Services

Shopee SEO service is a service that provides search engine optimization for stores on Shopee - a popular e-commerce platform in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. With this service, Shopee stores can effectively increase their reach and attract potential customers to their products through Shopee search results.

Shopee SEO service includes many activities such as optimizing titles, descriptions, product keywords, optimizing product images, managing reviews and feedback from customers, improving the credibility of the store. customers and increase interaction with customers. However, to achieve good results in SEO Shopee, stores need to have knowledge of SEO and understand how Shopee works to apply appropriate optimization strategies.

6. SEO Service Facebook Fanpage

Facebook Fanpage SEO is the process of optimizing search engines on Facebook to bring your page to the top of the search results list when users search for something related to your product or service. To achieve this, you need to optimize some basic criteria, including:

7. Google Map SEO Services

SEO Google Map is part of the Local SEO that I mentioned in the 3rd part, but instead of the results of SEO based on SERP, the results this time will be based on keyword rankings in the Map section.

8. Youtube channel SEO service

Youtube channel SEO service is a service that optimizes your Youtube channel to increase the visibility of your video on search results pages when users search for keywords related to your video. This service includes activities to optimize your Youtube page, including:

9. Image SEO Services

Image SEO is a service that optimizes the images on your website to increase their visibility on search results pages. This can help increase traffic and increase user engagement with your website. This service includes the following optimization activities:
Query keywords for image SEO often have the following structure: Keyword + Adjective

Adjectives include:

A few things you need to understand about total SEO services

For a long time, Viet SEO has been doing SEO, realizing that some customers keep having some myths about SEO. Those fantasies make them distrust SEO or think that SEO is not beneficial at all. Friends, here are some hilarious myths about SEO:

1. SEO like Google Ads

Although both reach customers with keywords, Google Ads and SEO are very different:

Google Ads: Sticking to a few main keywords, you lose money every time customers click (but they are not sure they have purchased).

SEO: Launch your website to the top with a diverse keyword system to attract all types of customers, and maintain the top for a long time, without spending a penny to keep that position.

2. Just go backlink is the keyword to TOP

SEO now doesn't need Backlink to still be able to enter TOP. Therefore, the Backlink factor has no longer become so important in implementing keyword SEO projects for many years now.

3. SEO time only needs 1-2 months

Seo is a process that takes a minimum of 10 months for your keywords and your Website to be recognized by Google as a reputable brand, bringing practical value to users. That's why when customers use SEO services that require a short implementation time, we certainly can't do it because basically, if it takes a little time to get to the TOP, even we can. Open your own website for business.

The forms of fast SEO 7 days, 1 month are mainly black hat SEO forms, SEO violations. In many cases, our customers have "failed" or even lost their familiar domain names because they believe in such 7-day, 1-month super-fast SEO services.

4. Do you think SEO costs are a “wasteful investment”?

There are many people who think that the investment cost for SEO over 50 million is too high. However, if compared with Google Ads advertising, then SEO is a better choice. With Google Ads, you will have a limited audience reach, cost per click, and no ability to increase traffic or contact when you stop advertising.

However, with SEO, it is completely different. You do not spend money on advertising and investing 50 million to hire a professional SEO team will help you have sustainable results for months or even years later.

So will you choose to spend 50 million to run ads 1 time or invest 50 million to achieve sustainable results with SEO?

However, maybe you think of setting up an in-house SEO team to manage and carry out marketing activities yourself. Is hiring an SEO staff the right solution for you?

Why do customers trust Viet SEO Website SEO services?

In the Vietnamese market in general, there are many SEO companies that always label themselves as the leading units in Vietnam, but the standard to evaluate a top brand I do not know what to rely on for them to receive. . Therefore, Viet SEO only dares to claim to be the second and third best SEO company in Vietnam because it doesn't want to compete with the top!

Coming to using our Top Google SEO service, customers will be completely assured, because we have:

Detailed SEO plan

To build a suitable SEO strategy for businesses, Viet SEO has conducted a meticulous analysis of every aspect from the industry, competitors, potential customers and the business itself. We understand your problem and will give the most optimal SEO development direction with the most suitable cost for your business.

It will take 1-2 days for us to implement a basic SEO Plan. But to need a detailed SEO plan, only when you and we go together will the plan be presented (this avoids the case of sly businesses stealing our brains).
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Professional SEO tools and software from A to Z

The fact that we are fully equipped with the best Website SEO software today is a plus point that helps us believe that we can compete with strong competitors in the current Vietnamese SEO industry.

SEO tools include:
In addition, we also have more than 50+ different tools to support SEO work for your Website, some SEO tools are exclusively developed by the Vietnamese SEO team.

Transparency in each project item

Viet SEO is always committed to clear KPIs, connecting with customers throughout the project implementation. In particular, Viet SEO makes a monthly acceptance report of SEO implementation and is ready to answer all customer problems about the work that has been - is being implemented and is about to be implemented.

Viet SEO provides many different SEO services suitable for each business purpose, including:
We always listen to the story and future development goals of our customers to come up with the most optimal and effective method, with the most suitable cost for the Marketing budget. Whether you want to do SEO yourself, hire an Inhouse team or hire an Agency, Viet SEO will provide you with the most suitable solutions.

The process of implementing SEO services

To make the cooperation process go smoothly, you can refer to the process of implementing SEO services of Viet SEO below.

Step 1: Research your industry

To develop a most successful and effective SEO strategy, understanding the industry is an important factor. Only when we truly understand the industry can we come up with a long-term and sustainable SEO strategy.

Step 2: Market research – competitors

When your Website has just stepped into SEO, it will be much inferior to competitors, that's why to catch up with them. We have to conduct an overall analysis and research the most effective SEO method for your budget.

Step 3: Website Audit

We will optimize the website first to start doing SEO. The Website Audit will include the following work:

Step 4: Implement Onpage SEO

Pushing content by topic group, onpage SEO accounts for about 70% of total SEO time. The content will be optimized for E - E - A - T standards to bring quality content that is useful to both customers and Google's evaluation.

Step 5: Offpage SEO

Offpage SEO process includes:

Step 6: Acceptance

Through the above 5 steps, we commit that the keyword will reach 50% of the effectiveness when the SEO roadmap goes through 1/2.
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